Post Content Features

Blockquote Blockquotes are used to highlight quotes or specific aspects of your content are are styled to look different. This is a blockquote example. To add a blockquote to your own post or page, you’ll highlight your text and then use the icon on the toolbar when you’re editing a post that looks like a […]

What is the difference between a page and a post?

Post If you’re going to have a blog, you’ll mostly be working in the Posts area of your WordPress dashboard.  Posts are your actual blog posts.  View them as articles in a newspaper.  When you publish a new one, the last one gets pushed down and the new one is at the top and the […]

What is the difference between a category and a tag?

Category Categories are meant for organizing your posts like a filing system. They are typically broad terms like “Recipes” or “DIY Projects”. These are your general topics that you write about. Typically you’ll have a few of these.. maybe 10 of your primary categories. Don’t get to specific with your Category titles like “ground beef”.. […]