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A Dream Come True

It is something that every equestrian from the North wants to do in the winter: go down to sunny Florida to get a head start on the show season and escape the cold. This winter I was lucky enough to do just that. Up North I had been training with Brad Hall for two years and […]

How Taking Less Lessons Has Made Me a Better Rider

For most of my riding career, I’ve been lucky enough to have fairly consistent training during the show seasons. With regular lessons once or twice a week, I always felt like I was progressing. I would still ride on my own, but it just never felt like I could get the same quality ride that […]

Bit of Britain – Next Top Rider

The Bit of Britain’s Next Top Rider sponsorship has come around again this year, and this time I feel I am ready to commit to a sponsorship. Of course every young rider that dreams of making it to the top of the sport also dreams of having those valuable sponsors to help them reach their […]

This is a WordPress Post

Hooray!  You’re starting your first website, and I (Lauren from Restored 316) am so excited for you!  I remember all those years ago when I first opened WordPress for the first time and the overwhelm that ensued, so friend I’ve been in your shoes! Thankfully we have a huge resource of tutorials to help you […]